Getting hitched in Louisiana is about to get a whole lot easier.  The law of the land currently says you have to wait 3 entire days before your marriage license is valid.  That's the moment you and the other person listed on that magical (and binding) contract are officially and duly "Married."  Thanks to a new law, that time has been dramatically cut down.

Ark-La-Tex Homepage reports that Rep. Julie Emerson of Lafayette is the one to thank for introducing the idea to cut the time from 72 hour to just 24.  Now that the rule has passed the hurdles of legislation, it is set to go into effect on August 1st of this year.

Several states (like Alabama and Maine) require no waiting whatsoever in regards to getting the paperwork and validating the marriage.  In essence, you can get married in a matter of minutes in these states.  However, if you take into account that there is no waiting period between applying for your license and receiving it - Louisiana will soon be one of the easiest and quickest states to get married in.

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