There is something about that first five minutes of smelling the salt air, feeling the sand between your toes, and  hearing the sound of the waves that can make you forget you spent two and half hours trying to get through a two lane tunnel in Mobile Alabama. Such is the mindset of the typical Louisiana spring breaker. We love the beach and we are not alone.

In just a few short weeks many of you will be reading this narrative at the beach. Maybe you'll be sitting on your balcony over looking the Gulf of Mexico, others will be sitting poolside, while others will be reading this while sitting on the toilet enjoying the only five minutes of peace and quiet you've had since you got to the condo.

Then again if you're of a certain age demographic, aka college age, you might be spending a little rowdier time at the beach than described above. Spring break is a right of passage and our state's universities and high schools will be sending thousands of auto-baked tanned bodies to the Redneck Riveria and points further south.

Spring break for LSU is set to begin March 20th, while spring break at U.L. and at McNeese State begins March 25th. You can bet hot spots like Panama City Florida, Destin Florida, Fort Walton Beach Florida, and Orange Beach Alabama will be over flowing with toned and tanned twenty-somethings looking for a beverage and a week's worth of romance.

Almost 40% of Americans will use at least some of their vacation time to spend some time where the map turns blue. If you're average your beach vacation will last 7.7 days. The therapy you'll need to stabilize your life will take about 30 days. There is something about being in close quarters with other people for 7.7 days that sends us all over the edge.

If you weren't aware the best day of your vacation will be the third day. That's when the memories of the tunnel and the stress of preparing for vacation have finally worn off. You will actually start to relax and unwind.

If you're at the beach did you get in the water? What was your biggest concern about splashing among the waves? 38% of us are concerned with shark attacks.  I wouldn't be if I were you. You've got a much better chance of being injured driving home than you do of being injured by a shark.  Still having to go to the hospital in your bathing suit would be kind of embarrassing.

Most couples look forward to some intimate time together during vacation. In fact 72% of women say that "romance" is better on vacation than it is at home. You know what I mean by romance right? That same survey showed that 69% of men felt that vacation "romance" was more enjoyable than it is at home.

So whether you spring breaking to be a part of the crowd or are just looking for an isolated spot on the sand you're not alone. Whether spring or summer almost all of us love the beach and spring break is the first real chance we get to think about getting the sand between our toes again.



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