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OK, so I understand that it's been a while since we have been able to hang out together at a bar - but, this is not how you do it.  If a man buys you a drink, you either say "thank you" and drink it, or say "no thank you" and walk away.  The improper way to deal with this situation is to bite off a body part belonging to the person who purchased said drink.

Unfortunately, it seems that Andrew Nierman wasn't paying attention when that particular lesson was being taught - because that is exactly what he was arrested for earlier this month.  According to AL.com, the 32-year old Louisiana resident was placed under arrest and charged with second-degree battery and resisting arrest by refusing to provide identification after an altercation in Metairie.

34-year old bar owner Bryan Thayer claims that after he finished his shift at the bar he owns, he and a friend went to another bar around 5 A.M. on May 5th.  According to his statement to police, he purchased a drink for Nierman at the same bar.  Unfortunately, that drink spilled on Nierman, so Thayer bought him another one.  Neirman allegedly walked away only to return and threaten Thayer.  That's when he claims, “He (Neirman) grabbed my head and took a chunk out of my nose.”

Law enforcement officials investigating the matter say that when the alleged assailant bolted for the door and made a beeline for his vehicle.  Thayer, who was bleeding profusely from the wound on his face, was able to flag down a Sheriff's Deputy who stopped Neirman before he was able to flee the scene.  Neirman claims that he was the one who was attacked and the nose-biting was simply self-defense.

He was immediately placed under arrest and transported to the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.  He would be released the next day on a $25,500 bond.  Luckily, surgeons were able to reattach the missing piece of Bryan Thayer's nose - but he claims that the injury will most likely prevent him from returning to work.


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