A ten-year veteran of the U.S. Border Patrol is behind bars today, charged with a laundry list of heinous crimes that led Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar to label him a serial killer.  Thirty-five year old Juan David Ortiz is in the Webb County Jail for allegedly murdering four people, and attempting to kill a fifth - all within the span of two weeks.

According to MySanAntonio.com, Ortiz's crime spree was brought to a halt on Saturday by Texas Troopers just outside of Laredo.  The agent and U.S. Navy vet ran from authorities when first confronted at a gas station just outside of the South Texas town, but was apprehended shortly after 2 am at a nearby hotel's parking garage where he was hiding in the bed of a pickup.

Sheriff Cuellar said that he was comfortable describing Ortiz as a serial killer because of the fact that all of the victims were profiled, hunted, and killed in the same manner.  Erika Peña was able to slip away from Ortiz at a gas station, even though he had a pistol trained on her.  She is the only person known to have escaped the alleged killer's grasp.  All of his other victims were taken to a remote location and shot in the head at close range.

After his arrest, Ortiz gave investigators a detailed account of each crime.  Read more of the details here.

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