The guy you are looking at above is 40 year old Jeffery L. Brooks.  This multiple offender was currently serving a 5 year sentence for molestation of a juvenile and indecent behavior with a second juvenile when he decided to plead guilty to another charge - bigamy.

As it turns out, Jeffery married a woman in back in 2007.  Then he married another woman in 2017 - without getting a divorce from his "other" wife.  Whoops!  The crime, a felony, has added a lengthy extension to his prison stay.  According to the Shreveport Times, Brooks went before the same judge that sentenced him a year ago for the previously mentioned molestation charges.  Caddo District judge John Mosely Jr. tacked on another 5 years to Jeffery's term.  As this is his third felony, he will be billed as a multiple offender.

In total, Mr. Brooks will likely spend a good chunk of the next decade behind bars - which might be better than the wrath of the 2 wives and angry parents he left behind.

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