The officials in Kilgore want everyone to know that there isn't currently a drug problem in their schools.  That being said, KLTV is reporting that the entire school district will be conducting random drug tests on students starting with the 2018-2019 school year.  Administrators claim that the move is proactive, and the goal is to prevent an issue with drug abuse from occurring in the first place.

The random screenings will be part of a program set to kick-off this coming school year called "Kilgore Bulldogs Against Drugs" or KBAD.  The program is still in the planning phase, but will try to help students make more informed choices about drug use.  Reportedly, the program will give students plenty of incentive to participate and pass their drug screens.  According to the report,

...those in the program who remain drug free will be rewarded with things like a swim party at the Kilgore pool."

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