LSU fans, Louisiana Tech fans, Saints fans, ULL fans, and all other football fans across Louisiana are all on the same team in this latest survey. When it comes to tailgate and game-day practices, Louisiana is one of the top states in the country in their new research.

Here are the details from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"A survey by took a look at the top tailgating trends around the country, and found that Louisiana ranks #7 for drinking the most alcohol on game days. Spokeswoman Carson Yarbrough says they also found tailgating fans in Sportsman’s Paradise prefer burgers, while most Americans prefer wings.

Yarbrough says the average tailgater in Louisiana consumes an average of 4 alcoholic beverages per game. She says 53% of Americans prefer watching NFL games at home, and 60.5% would rather tailgate at a college game.

She also says the states that drink more than Louisiana at tailgates are South Dakota, Connecticut, Delaware, Oklahoma, Idaho and Nevada. She says not only do Louisianians like to live it up at the tailgate, fans also go to the games."

Based on the way that LSU and the Saints have played this year, these stats might be going up. If LSU were to lose to either Syracuse or Troy at home, you could likely double these numbers. If the Saints can't win more than 7 games this year, Louisiana might jump into the Top 5.

I do want to note that I want to question this research, and you might too after I point this out. Looking at their list of the Top 7, one state is missing, that should be #1. Wisconsin drinks more than any other state, for any other reason. Packers and Badgers fans drink more than anyone I've ever seen. Without Wisconsin atop this list, I don't know if I can trust this. But for now, take the rank, and toast to Louisiana football fans!

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