The NFL is about to kickoff, and this pre-season has actually been really fun.

The league changed how teams are going through cuts, which has seemed to help the entertainment value of pre-season games, and has also changed the urgency on holdouts.

One of the biggest names fighting with his team over pay has been Oakland (or are they Vegas yet?) Raiders all world defensive player Khalil Mack.

Mack hasn't been on the field at all this pre-season, because he wants to get paid. Although unlike some of the other holdouts, he hasn't really even been working with the Raiders to try and make it work, he's been looking for a trade. Which is what he got today...

Even though we don't know what the full trade is right now, Mack is moving to Chicago to join a Bears defense that needs some help.

Today will be an interesting day as teams start to make cuts, which will include some big names. So finding out what is being shipped back to Oakland will be really important when it comes to the other cuts that will be announced today. You could see some cuts, and additions that will impact the NFL season over the next 48 hours.

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