Fireworks may have originally been a product of China, but there is nothing more American than setting these babies on fire for July 4th. Alcohol also happens to be a big part of our Independence Day traditions, and when booze is combined with firecrackers things can get pretty messy.

However, what is bad for fingers can be good for FAIL videos. See what we mean by checking out this supercut of fireworks gone wrong. (Video is NSFW for intense verbal reactions to fiery failure.)

The bottle rocket out of the butt, the quick fuse and the holding-it-one-second-too-longs… These are some of the true classics of the firecracker FAIL genre. But what nearly brought tears to our eyes are all the news ways the current generation is coming up with to blow themselves up. Exhibit A: the dog with the Roman candle. We couldn’t be prouder.


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