While most of us will be celebrating Independence Day with sizzling grills, chilling beers and bursting fireworks, one Texan took his patriotism to a whole new level, by traveling to all 50 states and shooting video of himself waving the American flag in each one.

Howard Li, 25, who lives in Houston, said it took him one year, 9 months and two days to complete his mission.

Li told ABC News that the most difficult part, being from Texas, was driving in the snow.

"I'm from Texas, so I'm not really that used to driving in the snow. There was one night in North Dakota that I just didn't really plan that well, so I decided I would just stay in the car overnight. It was 25 degree outside. I put on every single piece of clothing I had in my duffle bag," Li said.

Check out result of Li's journey: Him waving the flag in every single U.S. state in under 90 seconds:

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