There goes my faith in airport security systems, right down the toilet. A man boarded a plane in San Diego Tuesday without a ticket. And here's the kicker, he had just gotten out of jail.

I think there's a flight attendant that shouldn't have a job right right now and some security people that that should be standing in the unemployment line instead of an airport!

After you watch the video below you'll know, just as I do, that there is NO EXCUSE for what happened. The last thing on their minds was making sure a bomb didn't get on the plane!

It wasn't until after flight 6323 was in the air and headed for Los Angeles, that any flight attendants noticed an extra passenger during the head count. Now that's a fine time to do a head count, after you're in the air.

The freeloader was later identified as Marc Rory Duncan, a scruffy looking parolee who was looking for a free ride home to Alaska and almost pulled it off.

Here's what happened.

Duncan, 38, was able to make it onto the tarmac by going through a magnetic emergency door. He set off the alarm, but moved pretty fast to board the plane. Then he handed his burlap duffel bag to the flight attendant, saying he needed to use the bathroom. Then he just walk down the isle a ways sat down in a seat.

The flight attendant realized there was one too many passengers on board, and easily picked him out because of his suspicious look.

Luckily all that was in his bag were wet clothes, but the idea that he got on the plane so easily really gets me POed. What if he had a bomb, which other passengers complained about after the incident was over?

All the passengers had to deplane, while dogs were brought on board to sniff out explosives. Duncan remained peaceful while he was arrested and taken to jail. A secondary security screening was conducted before takeoff.

I hope they did a head country while they were still on the ground the second time, don't you?

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