If you have flown any of the carriers that serve Lafayette Regional Airport, Shreveport Regional, Lake Charles Regional, or Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, namely  Delta, American, or United then you might be getting some money back.

Your potential mailbox money is part of a class action lawsuit filed against those carriers. The suit also includes passengers who flew on Southwest Airlines. The lawsuit covers any air travel that was paid for on these specific carriers since July 2nd, 2011.

The suit accuses these air carriers of conspiring to raise ticket prices. In fact, you may have already gotten an email informing you about this lawsuit. The good news is if you've received the email then there is nothing more that you will need to do. You are already included in the class action suit.

So far American and Southwest have agreed to pay $60 million into the settlement. They have made this payment with the stipulation that they are not admitting to any wrongdoing. Delta and United have not commented on the suit or any potential settlement.

The class action suit covers travelers who may have flown at any time over the past seven years on these carriers. While there will likely be millions more paid into the settlement fund you have to consider just how many people would be considered as likely plaintiffs in this case. In other words, you're not going to get rich off a settlement check.

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