This week's episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver focused on Automation. The concept of the episode was the idea of automation taking jobs from people.

Midway through the episode, Oliver played a clip from some interviews in the 1990s of phone operators potentially losing their jobs. In the clip, a woman being interviewed, named Lisa Lee, mentioned that she talked to people "back home" in Shreveport, who warned her about losing her job.

If you're not familiar with Last Week Tonight, Oliver, the host, mixes in research and news reporting with brash humor and skits. It's a way to deliver news and facts with entertainment to keep the viewers attention. Like sugar to make the medicine go down.

So after the clip of Lisa Lee airs, Oliver stops down the show to get off track, which is where he comes for Shreveport.

WARNING: The clip of Oliver includes swearing, heavily. If you are not comfortable with profanity, DO NOT WATCH THE CLIP. It includes multiple uses of the "F word".

Though Shreveport had nothing to do with the clip, the city appears in the context of comedic foil. But it's still startling to hear on a national broadcast.

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