There has been an urban legend bouncing around North Louisiana for the past few years about the devil's toy box. According to the legend as reported on Thought Catalog, there is a square building that was used as a haunted attraction during Halloween. The people who were supposed to scare the paying victims went crazy due to a room with the floor, walls, and ceiling being all mirrors.

The legend is that "if you stood inside this mirror-room alone for too long, supposedly the devil would show up and steal your soul." The building is some where either in Alexandria or the surrounding area.

As someone who absolutely adores all things creepy and strange, I think it's a bummer to see such interesting stories turn out to be just that- stories. So, is this legend real? Nope, it is a fake. According to News Star, the urban legend of the Devil's Toy Box started by Joel Farrelly. He said he made up the urban legend for Thought Catalog and has also spawned several urban legends just as creepy at this one.

Or maybe that is what he wants us to think.

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