Of all the roads in American history, Route 66 might be the most important. The road is a huge part of pop culture history, and was a part of millions of Americans lives for decades.

The United States Department of Transportation describes Route 66 by saying:

"The traffic along Route 66 also resulted in the opening of many mom-and-pop establishments, such as restaurants, motels, and gas stations, along the route to
service the needs of passing motorists. Route 66 captured the imagination of generations of Americans like no motor highway did before, and the many sights and roadside attractions along the route became an important part of the tourism experience of 'getting your kicks on' Route 66."

So why is it forgotten now?

Well, because it's gone now. It was officially decommissioned in 1985, possibly one of the first signals in the decline of small town America. This was the era of companies starting to use mass layoffs as a way to balance their books instead of as a necessity to stay in business. Prior to this era, laying off your workforce was reserved for last minute efforts, but in the 1980s it became a way to make quick profit for those at the top.

The country has now suffered decades of this this type of behavior, and we find ourselves looking for the "good old days" more and more. Which seems to have sparked some nostalgic interest in things like Route 66. There have been numerous revitalization attempts with Route 66, looking for ways to capture the magic of a more unified country maybe.

Even though Route 66 is gone, there are still elements of it that exist in the state of Texas. Landmarks that you can still visit today, if you're one of those people looking to recapture a little of what made America such an amazing place before the corporate takeover.

Check out some of these Route 66 stops in Texas...

Cool, Historic And Weird Things Along Route 66 In Texas

Some of the odd stuff you'll find along Route 66 where it goes through Texas.

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

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