Rally Possums, purple Sharpies, now...fog?

LSU Baseball has their fair share of odd superstitions, and as a matter of fact, a lot of them are developed this late in the season too. The SEC Tournament, and NCAA Baseball Tournament, have been breeding grounds for weird circumstances that appear to help the LSU Tigers Baseball team.

Last night may end up on that list too.

After a week full of late starts due to weather delays and extra inning games, LSU may have found the cherry to top this awkward sundae.

Early in the day, Florida, the #1 seed in the tournament, lost to Arkansas in what can only be described as a surprise. This setup Florida for a rematch with LSU in the nightcap of Friday's SEC Tournament action. The Gators beat LSU earlier this week for LSU's only loss in the Double-Elimination round of the tournament.

Already not according to plan for anyone.

Then the weather moved in again. It delayed the start of the early afternoon game, pushing LSU's game further back. They got underway right around 9pm.

But as the clock ticked closer to midnight, the fog rolled in...

The fog stopped game play as LSU had just taken a 10-0 lead, and had two runners in scoring position still.

BUT, with this weather delay coming in while LSU is hot, and Florida is scrambling, this could actually end up as a history making moment on the other side of the field. LSU would have loved to have finished this thing off last night while they had all the power. But now, Florida (a team who had to play twice yesterday) gets to rest. They get to regroup. This could be Florida's Rally Fog.

The good news for Tigers fans, is that a 10-run lead is a nice cushion.

LSU is scheduled to take the field at 10am, and 1130 The Tiger is set to bring you the rest of the action. You can hear the game across Shreveport and Bossier on 1130AM.

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