Its not the last Hall of Fame that Drew Brees will be named to. The New Orleans Saints have announced that their legendary quarterback Drew Brees will be inducted into the team's Hall of Fame.

He was one of the greatest statistical quarterbacks of all time, throwing for over 80,000 yards and over 570 touchdowns. But in reality, what he means to the city of New Orleans, and the state of Louisiana, is worth more than any number in a record book.

Drew Brees and the Saints were a match made in heaven, even if nobody wanted to see it. The story has been told over and over, but with the Hall of Fame announcement, its a good time to dust it off again.

Back in 2006, Drew Brees was coming off a shoulder injury, and New Orleans/Louisiana were still picking up the pieces from Hurricane Katrina. Everyone involved felt like they were unwanted, and forgotten. Drew Brees was viewed as "damaged goods" by many NFL teams, and the people of Louisiana were starting to get the same vibes from the US government.

Brees came to New Orleans not just to play football, but to contribute. He immediately started helping in the rebuild of the city, the state, and the franchise. Drew Brees actually got his hands dirty in helping put the city of New Orleans back together.

The story of New Orleans and Drew Brees is something that you would see in a Disney movie...but it was real life. The broken quarterback came to a broken city, started physically rebuilding it. Then got on the field, and rallied a franchise known as a perennial loser to some of the highest highs in sports history. Between the "Rebirth" game in the Superdome, and the Super Bowl championship, Drew Brees became a Louisiana icon.

If this man would have ended his career after that Super Bowl win, he would STILL be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame. But he continued his historic career. After that Super Bowl, he'd go on to the Pro Bowl numerous times, win the Offensive Player of the Year Award, and finish top 2 in MVP voting twice. Not to mention he led the NFL in passing yards 5 times AFTER the Super Bowl win too.

What Drew Brees did for Louisiana is what got him into the Saints Hall of Fame. What he did the NFL record books is what will get him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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