Quick, think of a superstition. Go ahead, think of a quick one.

Did it have to do with your mom's back, or a black cat, or knocking on wood? These common superstitions are shared widely, and known by many. But why?

Some of these superstitions originated thousands of years ago. Something as simple as the superstition of not walking under a ladder dates back to ancient Egypt. The reason that Egyptians created this superstition had nothing do with with safety or OSHA, and more to do with triangles. See, 5,000 years ago in Egypt, triangles ruled the day. Anything that formed the shape was sacred, even if it was a ladder leaned up against a wall. Passing through a triangle was a desecration of the shape, and therefore was unlucky.

But perhaps the most common superstition we all know is saying "bless you" when someone sneezes. That comes from the 6th century when an illness was spreading in Italy. Pope Gregory the Great pushed to have people pray for those who were ill, and since one of the first symptoms was sneezing, it meant people blessing anyone they heard sneeze. It caught on, and has remained in place centuries later.

Now that we've established the fact we're all aware of at least one superstition, lets talk about Texas specific ones...


Have you ever heard a Texas talk about cows laying down and bird flying low? Or have you ever been wared about harming a horned toad on a dairy farm?

These types of superstitions might not be exclusive to Texas, but your definitely going to hear these type of things in the Lone Star State. Here are some more Texas superstitions.

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