Yesterday, troubling news came out of US Intelligence agencies that North Korea had tested their most advanced, and sophisticated ballistic missile to date. Also this week, reports came out that the Intelligence community has moved up the date that North Korea would now have a missile capable of reaching the US mainland within the next year. 

Now Intelligence reports are saying that most major US cities are currently within range of North Korea's missiles. However they are not yet capable of firing nuclear warheads on those missiles.

But an interesting piece from the publication Business Insider suggests North Korea has 4 US mainland targets, and Barksdale Air Force Base is one of them.

The story originally started in March, when propaganda photos were released showing North Korean's military leaders planning strikes. A map was included in the background that showed lines to strike locations. Originally the publication assumed Austin, Tx was the target, but now (with help from the Washington Post) they have realized the true intent of the strike plan. 

Business Insider says:

"In Hawaii, one of the closest targets to North Korea, the US military bases Pacific Command, which is in charge of all US military units in the region. San Diego is PACOM's home port, where many of the US Navy ships that would respond to a North Korean attack base when not deployed.

Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana holds the US Air Force's Global Strike Command, the entity that would be responsible for firing back with the US's Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles. 

Washington D.C., of course, is the home of the US's commander-in-chief, who must approve of nuclear orders."

But we do have to consider the fact that this information isn't coming from US Intelligence agencies, it's coming from news publications trying to make sense of propaganda photos. There's something there, you can see the pictures yourself in the links above, but is there an immediate threat? Not at all.

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