So the Dallas Cowboys had the #2 seed in the NFC for this year's NFL Playoffs. That means they were in line to have a pair of home playoff games before any chance of them having to play a road game in the playoffs. All they had to do was win their opening game against the #7 seed in the NFC, the last team to get into the playoffs. By ranking/seeding, the worst team in the playoffs.

That #7 see was the Green Bay Packers. Who not only went into Dallas and won the game, but they embarrassed the Cowboys at home 48-32 (don't let that score fool you, the game wasn't that close, Dallas scored multiple times after Green Bay put their backups in). That's right, 48 points were hung on the Cowboys, the #2 seed in the home.

So will their Head Coach, Mike McCarthy, be their Head Coach at the start of next season? Or will Cowboys' Owner Jerry Jones find a new leader for his franchise?

If Jerry Jones is shopping, here's a list of potential names. But not just any list, these are names put together by the sports book, that even includes the betting odds for these replacements if the Cowboys are making a change. Check out who could be the next leader in Dallas...

Bill Belichick -175
Bobby Slowik +550
Mike Vrabel +600
Jim Harbaugh +650
Dan Quinn +800
Raheem Morris +900
Kellen Moore +1200
Ben Johnson +1200
Pete Carroll +2000
Todd Monken +2000
Mike MacDonald +2000
Tony Romo +4000
Steve Sarkisian +5000
Ron Rivera +5000
Nick Saban +5000
Jimmy Johnson +10000
Jerry Jones +100000

So its really unlikely that Jimmy Johnson or Jerry Jones will coach the team, but if you wanted to light your money on fire, those are the odds the house will give you.

Legendary former New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick is reportedly good friends with Jerry Jones, which is probably why he's got the best odds. But there are a lot of young and hungry coaches that might gel better with the talent that already exists on the Cowboys roster.


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