Working at KWKH, my knowledge of Justin Bieber is extremely limited. And, I will speak for Elaine, Danny, and Howard when I say you will not catch any of us at a Justin Bieber concert anytime soon - maybe never!

But, owning another person's DNA?! Now, that's crossing the line!

A Canadian company called Celebrity Gene recently took a strand of Justin's hair and extracted DNA from it. At the end of this month, Celebrity Gene will start selling cloned copies inside a pendant, which will come with a chain and a letter of authenticity.

The company is offering the pendant for $120 Canadian dollars, if my math is correct that's $118 US dollars! Is it worth it?

Along with Justin's DNA, the same company already sells cloned DNA samples from Mozart, New York Yankees great Mickey Mantle, Marilyn Monroe George Washington, and even our very own Elvis Presley!


There's more of those where that came from here:

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