Well, the internet is at it again. Over the last few months, we've heard that Taylor Swift is moving to town, we've heard that Samuel L. Jackson is in love with Louisiana Tech, we've heard tons of crazy stories about our area, and we're not done yet.

Today the internet went back to the Samuel L. Jackson hoax-well to draw up this fantastic piece on Mr. Jackson moving to Bossier City.

This hoax comes from a site that calls itself "KUPR 7" which tries to position itself as a real news organization, but appears to create these celebrity rumors across the entire country. Why you might ask? Simply for clicks. They know that if they produce these type of stories and unleash them on social media, they run a good chance of going 'viral'. That buzz word that online marketers look for so hard.

Again, this one isn't true...at least for now.

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