It's the kind of story that everyone wants to believe: Pop superstar performs in a city, loves the place and decides to buy a home there. Well, that's the latest internet rumor that's spreading like wildfire! Is Taylor Swift looking for a house in Shreveport?

A number of area news outlets are reporting that Tay Tay has spent a great deal of time in our area of late, and is hoping to purchase a home on Cross Lake in the not too distant future.

But the big question is, is the story real, or just another internet hoax? Well, on one hand, no one in the Swift camp will confirm or deny that Swift plans to settle the area. But on the other, Swift has stated publicly her desire to get away from it all and to spend time in a place gives her a chance to get away from her hectic lifestyle.

Time will tell if the rumors are true. But just to be on the safe side, perhaps everybody on Cross Lake might should up the price on their homes by 20%.

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