Geek'd Con, Shreveport's comic con, is August 17th-19th, 2018 at the Shreveport Convention Center. The lineup includes WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, the voice of Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon), the first woman to ever portray Supergirl Helen Slater, and MTV's Bam Margera. Tickets and full lineup are at

Earlier this year, we put out a Funko Pop guide for Geek'd Con 2018 to help you get your collection ready for this year's show. Getting Pops signed has become a pretty big deal for people, so we'd like to help with collections as best we can.

You will have a chance to score some of these Pops at the show too. Our vendors usually come stocked with plenty of Pop Figures. These vendors also bring comic books, action figures, shirts, toys, banners, and a ton of other collectibles.

As a fellow Pop collector (very small collection) I know these things have seriously gotten out of control, but in a really cool way. I've got my collection going now, and I've got friends putting a lot into theirs. It's something that people are really digging right now.

Geek'd Con not only offers a chance for you to hunt Pop Figures, but to get them signed as well.

That's right, Geek'd Con guests will sign your Pop Figures, taking your collection from mild, to spicy, really quickly. This year, Geek'd Con offers a guest list with a lot of Pop promise too!

Since we've had some updates to the lineup, and I've had more time to think on things, here's our updated list:

Mick Foley:

WWE Hall of Fame Member Mick Foley has a Pop in the WWE line. It's not a hard one to find, and actually looks pretty sweet.

Chris Sarandon:

There are plenty of Chris Sarandon characters that should have Pops, Jerry Dandridge from Fright Night, Mike Norris from Child's Play, or Prince Humperdinck from Prince's Bride. Now there is a Princess Bride set out from Funko, but Humperdinck was not included in the release.

But Sarandon does have A TON of Jack Skellington Pops out. There's the regular one, a Santa one, a Pajama one, Day of the Dead, one with a teddy bear, "Dapper" Jack, one with a snowflake, and a really expensive glow in the dark one. Honestly, that's not even all of them. There's probably 4-5 more.

John Wesley Shipp:

This one is kind of tough. It's not super expensive (between $25-$50 usually), but it's just hard to find. Amazon doesn't have any listed at this moment, and as I'm writing this there aren't a whole bunch on eBay.

If you are pumped about getting John Wesley Shipp to sign his Jay Garrick Pop from the Flash TV show, you better get on it soon!

Helen Slater:

So we know Helen Slater is the original Supergirl, appearing as the character in the 1984 movie, but she's also been in other Super-universe shows, like Smallville and the current Supergirl TV show.

But her characters outside of the movie haven't had Pop figures created, so even though this Supergirl Pop isn't specifically based on the 1984 movie, it's still Supergirl. To be honest, the way they've done the costume does lend it's self more to her classic film costume, compared to the current TV version.

Either way, this would be a GREAT Pop to have Helen Slater sign.

Matthew Wood: 

There are A LOT of Star Wars Pops out there, which is good news for fans of Matthew Wood.

Mr. Wood has played half a dozen notable characters in the Star Wars universe. Most known for General Grievous, he's also played Bib Fortuna, Seboca, Quiggold, Battle Droids, and more.

Characters like Bib Fortuna do have Pops, but General Grievous is the absolute best of the possible Pops to have Matthew Wood sign...

Dana Snyder: 

Hey may be most known for his role as Master Shake in Aqua Teen Hunger Force (show, movie, and video games), or Gazpacho in Chowder, or maybe even Granny in Squidbillies. But honestly, none of those roles are likely to spawn Pop figures.

BUT, Dana has found a very nice home in the DC Animated Universe. Since 2015, he's been lending his voice to The Penguin across DC Animated movies and cartoons. Including Cartoon Network's current Justice League Action. So putting his signature on a Penguin Pop would be pretty cool. Now there are two Penguin Pops, but it seems like it'd make more sense to have Dana sign the DC Universe one, not the '66 version...

Now honestly, The Penguin Pop is kinda pricey (probably the most expensive suggested on this list). But if you want to get Dana to sign a Pop really bad, your next option is Plastic Man.

Dana is also currently providing the voice for Plastic Man in Cartoon Network's Justice League Action. A role that could expand into other DC Animated features soon. The Plastic Man Pop is going for a lot less than the Penguin one too...

John Lucas:

Deadpool is the hottest comic book character in the world, and he has been for a few years now. You can see how that has played into his Pop figure offerings. He's got a ton of Deadpool options out there. With John Lucas coming back, that's going to make for a great pairing too.

Having a Deadpool comic book artist sign a Deadpool Pop is pretty solid. Especially when that comic artist worked on the book that spawned a classic character outfit.

John Lucas worked on the Deadpool books when Pirate Deadpool first appeared, and there's a Pirate Deadpool that is pretty freaking awesome!

Mike Grell:

There aren't many with the kind of comic book resume that Mike Grell has. You could actually find a lot of comic book characters that Grell has had solid runs on, like Batman, The Flash, and Superman...but to me, Green Lantern would be the winner.

Some of Mike Grell's Green Lantern covers are legendary, and to be able to display one of those covers next to a signed Green Lantern Pop would be awesome.

But getting something like Batman wouldn't hurt either.

Joe Eisma:

Shreveport has been graced by the presence of Joe Eisma before. Back in 2015 he was at the first ever Geek'd Con, and was kind enough to produce the iconic "Chewbacca eating crawfish" image that has stayed with Geek'd Con ever since.

When Joe was here in 2015, he was working on the critically acclaimed Morning Glories franchise. But between then and now, he's taken up the mantel of Archie Comics. The legendary name that is known far and wide. As Joe was getting into the Archie groove, a little show popped up called Riverdale, based on that same universe. As Riverdale emerged, Joe had the opportunity to be the artist on the first issue, Riverdale #1.

This is pretty cool.

So it would make PERFECT sense to get Joe's signature on ANY of the new Riverdale Pops. Archie, Jughead, Betty...any of them.

Well, time to get hunting Pops so you can be prepared for Geek'd Con!

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