If we built a pro-and-con list for every city or town in Texas, how would that play out? Are there more cities with pros than cons? There are some really, really, (really), nice cities in Texas. But at the same time, there are some..."unsavory" places too. But what is there more of?

We would argue there are more places in Texas that have solid standings in a pro/con list scenario. Our evidence is provided by Forbes, who tracked what states have the most people moving to them (and also the states people are fleeing), and Texas came out on top. With that many people flooding into Texas, there have to be some places they want to be.

But at the same time, there are some places they don't want to be as well...even in a state they're relocating to.


Even with the massive influx of people to Texas, there were really only three areas that grew. The Dallas metroplex tops that list, while the stretch of Killeen-Temple to San Antonio grew quickly, and Harris County also saw growth. But...that's kind of it.

While the whole state has seen explosive growth, particular regions have actually been shrinking. Some at an alarming rate. Like the city of San Elizario...

In a report from 247WallSt, they highlight that San Elizario lost 36.1% of its population between 2010 and 2019. At the same time, the whole state grew at 16.2%. So versus the whole state, San Elizario is looking at a net loss over 50% if you factor in that +16% that Texas experienced.

There are definitely places in Texas that people don't want to be in. Here's a look at some of the places that people might be avoiding:

These are Apparently the Top 20 Worst Places to Live in Texas

Well in this case things including crime rate, or vicinity to crime; some may be close worse neighborhoods or adjacent cities. Also the rate of natural disasters was taken into consideration. Hurricanes are not something that'd land on the "pro" side of your pro/con list. Flooding would likely fall on the con side too.

To help you know the places you may want to avoid, or for a list to throw in the face of your cousin who lives in Lubbock, here are the 20 worst places to live:

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