It's election season all around us, but this is one that you will probably follow closer than any other. The National Toy Hall of Fame is out with this year's finalists of toys to be inducted for this year.

Toy Hall of Fame Nominees

I am shocked to learn that chalk is one of the nominees. You'd think chalk would already be in the Hall of Fame. But it's not. Others on the ballot this year are:  American Girl, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Those aren't the only ones. You will also have to choose among Uno, the Magic 8 Ball, Chutes and Ladders, the Fisher-Price Corn Popper, pinball, the sled, tic-tac-toe, Tickle Me Elmo and Tudor Electric Football.

I don't even now what Tudor Electric football is, so that's off my list. My finalists have to be chalk, tic-tac-toe (who doesn't know how to play that), the Fisher Price Corn Popper (didn't every kid have one of those?) and the ever popular Tickle Me Elmo. I spent many days hunting for one of these when my boys were little.

How are the winners chosen? A committee of experts will select the toys that ultimately make it on the list of toy box mainstays like Barbie and Play-Doh.

Would you like to have a voice in making the decision? You have until September 19th to help the experts choose the winners. Click here to vote. 

The induction ceremony is Nov. 8 at The Strong museum in Rochester, where the National Toy Hall of Fame is housed.

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