Thanks to a visionary 9 year old girl, we may soon be able to satisfy our need for Gorditas without leaving the comfort of our couches.  Michigan third grader Kinsley James is set to lay out her vision to over 400 Taco Bell franchise owners at the restaurant's conference later this month.  The result could be a dream come true for lazy (and hungry) TB fans!

The dream started a few weeks ago when the Bell's corporate headquarters received a letter from the future leader proposing the delivery service.  Kisley's mother refused to take her to her favorite restaurant because she had just put her "comfy pants" on.  The persuasive child-genius pointed out undeserved potential customers by asking questions like “What if somebody just had surgery and cannot drive?” or how perfect the service would be “If you're feeling lazy but really want nacho fries.”  In my opinion, the phrase that really sells it  was - “This is a good way to make more money.”

Shortly after the letter was received, Kinsley got a very interesting call.  It would be the chain's corporate office asking the pint-sized business guru to travel to Las Vegas on September 23rd to read her letter in front all of the franchisees to highlight the importance of moving ahead with delivery.

For the record, Taco Bell was already working on a prototype delivery service in Indianapolis.  The plan is to work out the kinks there, then roll it out to the rest of the country.  Let's not tell Kinsley though, she thinks it's her idea.

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