I've heard the rumblings and now LSU is acknowledging that there could be a beer garden located outside of Tiger Stadium for the 2017 Football Season.

ESPN's Scott Van Pelt recently addressed the possibility of a beer garden outside the stadium and he nailed it. LSU fans do it like no one else.

Currently, the SEC does not allow it's schools to sell alcohol at sanctioned sporting events. However, there is a loop hole that would allow LSU to sell beer outside of the stadium.

This would be just another attraction on Game Day. And the ongoing debate around universities is the selling of alcohol at games.

Many universities, LSU included, has seen a slight decline in attendance at games. Many suggest one of the contributing factors for fewer people going to games now is that alcohol is not available in stadiums around the country.

Will a beer garden be enough to attract more fans to LSU games, probably not, but it is added value for those attending games.

If I may suggest one thing, if LSU really wants to attract more fans to games and keep the fans in the stadium the entire game---Come up with a better solution to addressing the traffic around Tiger Stadium and Baton Rouge on game day.

Let's see what happens.

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