Punter Thomas Morstead's special bond with the New Orleans Saints fanbase has made his release from the team emotional for all involved.

The team released a video message from Thomas today, as he shared how grateful he is to the organization, and to the fanbase.

I had the pleasure of hosting a charity event with Morstead in Lafayette back in 2013. His desire to help others in need was evident from the moment I met him. The What You Give Will Grow organization started by him and his wife Lauren has raised millions of dollars for those in need.

Its spirit lies in the belief that giving is contagious, and with each act of giving by one individual, plenty more will be inspired to do the same.

Today also marks Morstead's 35th birthday. Lauren swiped his phone to ask for fans to share a message to Thomas today.

Saints fans will always have "Love for the Leg".

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