A bit of friendly fire made the Dolphins-Bills highlight reel and this "butt punt" doesn't look like it felt good at all.

Saints fans remember Thomas Morstead as "Legatron" for his booming punts that would often pin opponents deep into their own territory. Morstead started his career in New Orleans back in 2009 and quickly became a fan favorite for his work on and off the field.

After being released from the Saints in 2020, Morstead had stints with the New York Jets and the Atlanta Falcons before ending up in Miami to punt for the Dolphins.

A lot of Saints fans didn't know that until they saw a familiar name during the highlights (or lowlight?) from around Week 3 in the NFL. The Dolphins were lined up to punt the ball and just as Morstead was seen booting the ball out of his own end zone, it was apparent that the kick was blocked.

Upon closer review, it was realized that Morstead's kick wasn't blocked by Buffalo but instead, the butt of one of his teammates.

Keep in mind, they don't call Morstead "Legatron" for no reason, and any professional punter in the NFL has enough power to pack a painful kick; and here we saw Dolphins wide receiver, Trent Sherfield taking the direct boot to his butt.

The ball ended up flying out of the back of the end zone in a close game that the Dolphins still managed to win despite handing the Bills two extra points.

Tyreek Hill had a lot to say about the butt punt and Trent Sherfield's strong... err... cheeks.

Even famed butt fumble legend Mark Sanchez felt the need to chime in on this butt activity.

Of course, the internet had to put it in super slow motion (which is always incredible).

For what it's worth, Morstead also had this beauty of a punt earlier in the game, that was downed near the goal line thanks to some serious athleticism from the Dolphins gunner.

While Morstead will always be known for the "butt punt," Bills' offensive coordinator will also be cemented in internet meme history thanks to this meltdown at the end of the game as time expired.

May God continue to bless us with the NFL and these moments that make us love the game.

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