Cajun nation is already aware that the Fabulous Cajun Chicken is making a one-night appearance in the Cajun Dome in February. The university announced a few weeks back that the fan-favorite mascot would be returning to the sidelines when the Cajuns take on the thundering Herd of Marshall. The Cajun Chicken was the university’s mascot from 1882-1999 before he was replaced.


Russel Heim, the inside the chicken,  quickly became a fan favorite for the hilarious skits he used to do on the sidelines. He put those old antics on full display as he hosted his Cajun press conference in the chicken suit.

He was asked what was his favorite part about being the chicken all these years and his response wasn’t what you expect. The Cajun chicken got serious for a second and took time to reflect on bringing smiles to children going through tough times.

He then goes on to explain what it was like being up in the stands versus down on the sidelines and how much he missed the crowd. He went to give us a little scoop as to what the crowd can expect from him on February 4th. Russel’s contagious attitude is the same as it was back then as he cracked a couple of jokes during the interview. Here is the rest of the Fabulous Cajun Chicken press conference.

Russel and the Chicken will be back on full display for one night only as the Cajuns play host to Marshall on February 4th at 7 PM.

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