The divisional weekend of the NFL playoffs is officially in the books and the reaction videos have begun. You probably began to see many videos of fans reacting to their teams being eliminated, well what about a coach? After another disappointing loss in the playoffs, Dallas head Coach, Mike McCarthy, is trending after a video of him pushing a cameraman began to circulate on social media.

The audio doesn’t indicate that McCarthy was bombarded with any questions from the cameraman, he just simply pushes the camera out of his face. Fans immediately took to social media to react to the video as they do best.

The cameraman was eventually identified as Noah Bullard. Bullard would take to social media to clear the air about what really happened between him and McCarthy. He even went on to say how Coach McCarthy apologized to him personally.

Now, most people did think Mr. Bullard for clearing this up, but others say that McCarthy should still keep his hands to himself. I don’t think his actions were called for but he also didn’t have malicious intent in my opinion either. We have already seen a case just like this earlier this year with star receiver, Devontae Adams.


The cameraman involved in that incident did press charges against Adams which was classified as a misdemeanor assault. The NFL did not hand down a punishment to Adams but fans say McCarthy should suffer the same punishment. What do you think about this situation?

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