One of the worst calls in the history of any level of baseball happened to have taken place in Louisiana. It took place earlier this month during a Mississippi Valley State vs University of New Orleans game in New Orleans.

Here's the call...

That was home plate umpire Reggie Drummer making the game-ending call. When you just see this short clip, you probably think the umpire was making this call to punish Mississippi Valley State. It doesn't seem like you'd be wrong to assume that.

But why?

Why did the umpire, Baton Rouge's Reggie Drummer, feel the need to punish Mississippi Valley? Turns out, the whole thing started much earlier in the game. The whole scenario involves racial slurs, ejections, and multiple warnings. At least, according to Drummer...and video evidence.

See, the whole game was on ESPN+, which caught the action, and the audio for the game. Drummer also has spoken out about the incident. After this interview, and the video evidence provided, it seems like Drummer may not have been alone in the wrong here...

There was an investigation from Close Call Sports and The Plate Meeting Podcast, who reached out to both schools, and then spoke directly to Drummer. Between what the host was able to provide, and what Drummer explained, its definitely a different look at the whole situation.

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