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United States President Donald Trump has blasted both Republicans and Democrats in Congress tonight over the COVID-19 relief bill sent to him this week. The President laid out a list of items he finds unacceptable included in the bill in a video posted to Twitter tonight. But his main grievance appears to be the $600 stimulus payments for citizens. He called the $600 payment "bare minimum" and "ridiculous low".

President Trump is demanding the payments be increased to $2,000 per person.

Congress has fought over this bill for months, and only came to an agreement within the last few days. But the bill was nearly 6,000 pages long, and wasn't printed in enough time to give anyone time to read it before voting on it. As the language of the bill started making its way to reporters, and into the internet space, people began thrashing the bill. Similar to what the President said tonight. Many found, what appear to be, very random payments seeded throughout the bill to organizations and countries.

But many complained about the $600 stimulus payments, which were taken as an insult by many. However, the stimulus payments did not even exist in the bill until last week when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders derailed the process, and demanded payments for citizens be added. He attempted to get larger payments, similar to what the President is asking for, but after fighting from Republican Senators, the number was knocked down to $600.

At this point, it's unknown how quickly Congress will act to fix the bill. It may not be until after the New Year, based on their current track record.


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