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In case you haven't seen the news reports, billboards, pop-up ads, and heard the ads on your radio every 15 minutes for the last 2 years - the great state of Louisiana would like for you to get your COVID-19 vaccination.  Even though that last sentence was typed with a lot of sarcasm - it's 100% true.  Louisiana has spared no expense to get the message across that state officials all agree that a more vaccinated population is a safer population.  They've even gone so far as to pay residents who get the shot directly - and they're not above shelling out some more moolah.

Louisiana Shot for $100 Program Started as a Plan to Get Students Vaccinated.

The "Shot for $100" campaign kicked off in August of this year as a way to boost vaccine numbers in college students returning to class in the fall.  As long as you follow a few steps (like getting your shot at a designated location), the state would shell out $100 in the form of a prepaid gift card.  The hope was to keep outbreaks at college campuses across the state at a minimum.  It was set to expire at the end of the month.

Louisiana's Shot for $100 Campaign Was Too Big for Schools

The program was so successful that it was extended and expanded to included any Louisiana resident that met the criteria (once again, by a certain time and at a recognized site) who got their vaccination by the end of October.  When Halloween came and went, Governor John Bel Edwards extended the offer until the end of November.  I'm starting to sense a pattern.

Louisiana's Governor Says We're Keeping the Shot for $100 for Another Month

As you probably guessed, the program has been extended once again.  According to WBRZ, Gov. Edwards is giving citizens of the Sportsman's Paradise 31 more days to cash in.  If you haven't gotten the shot, and would like to get one and $100, you can find out more about the Shot for $100 here or call 1-855-453-0774.

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