It's like Mother Nature is starting  the game with a two-point advantage. Of course, it's not a game it's Hurricane Season and like it or not Mother Nature always has the advantage.

Today marks the first day of the 2020 Hurricane Season in the Atlantic Basin. We've already had two named tropical systems develop before the season officially got started. This is not the time nor place to be an overachiever but it appears as if 2020 is going to be "one of those years".

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are watching an area of low pressure over the Yucatan in Mexico this morning. This system is forecast to slide to the north and west and eventually be centered over the Bay of Campeche. From there tropical forecasters say the system will have a 70% probability of becoming a tropical cyclone.

By the way, should this system earn a name it would be called Cristobal.

As of now, the tropical model guidance is very inconclusive as to where the system might go or just how strong it might get. The European Weather Model does suggest this system will influence Acadiana's weather in some shape form or fashion by this weekend.

Now, whether that influence will be that of a tropical cyclone or simply a tropical rainmaker will remain to be seen. As of now, the long-range forecast for South Louisiana over the next several days doesn't specifically include a tropical influence, however, that could be subject to change.

Again, use this information for planning purposes and to stay ahead of any fast-breaking weather changes. Stay close to us for official news and information should watches or warnings be needed for this or any other weather situation in the area.


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