Should Hurricane Zeta make landfall in southeast Louisiana later this afternoon it would mark the fifth named tropical system to impact Louisiana during this record-breaking hurricane season of 2020. And just like in the last four tropical system landfalls, utility crews from around the state and around the nation are standing at the ready to bring the lights back on in places where the storm does the most impact.

While many out of state utility crews have seemingly made Louisiana their second home following the impacts of Hurricanes Laura and Delta, our in-state utility crews are hunkering down near the anticipated landfall location so they may spring into action as soon as conditions permit them to do so.

Entergy Louisiana has a reported 3,800 crews and contractors standing at the ready to move into southeastern Louisiana after Hurricane Zeta's anticipated landfall later this afternoon.

While these professional line crews are ready to swoop in and bring back the power they remind you to leave those downed power lines to those that know how to handle them. Officials with Entergy remind you that should you encounter any downed line you should treat it as 'live" and be mindful of the inherent dangers of dealing with high voltage lines.

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are suggesting that while  Zeta will likely cross the coast as a category 1 hurricane there could still be significant power outages across the hurricane warned area. Utility companies, such as Entergy Louisiana, are asking customers to look for updates on power outages and power restoration at their websites and through their social media pages.

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