Normally when we see there is a tropical wave in the middle of the Tropical Atlantic basin with a minimal chance for strengthening we simply keep an eye on it and move forward. But this overactive Hurricane Season 2020 has made us look suspiciously at any formation where more than two clouds get together over the ocean.

The National Hurricane Center is now monitoring such a tropical wave that's about 900 miles east of the Windward Islands. That puts this system thousands of miles away from the Gulf of Mexico and the coast of the United States. However, this part of the globe is where recently formed Hurricane Delta got its start. So, we will watch it for you.

The system is expected to continue a westward motion over the next five days or so. This should bring it very close to the outer islands of the Caribbean. From there tropical models are inconclusive as to whether the system will continue its westward trek into the Caribbean or if it will take a turn to the right and head toward the open Atlantic and possibly the east coast of the United States or Bermuda.

Forecasters are giving the system only a 30% probability of strengthening at this time. And over the next five days, conditions are not expected to be too great for tropical development over the part of the ocean this system will be moving through. Let's hope this is simply a tropical wave and nothing more. I know here in the Gulf South, nothing more, would be a welcome outcome for all of us.


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