The WWE's 25th Anniversary Celebration of Monday Night Raw is going to be PACKED with the biggest names in pro wrestling from today, and yesterday. Including the biggest names in WOMEN'S wrestling.

10 years ago, women's wrestling was a totally different beast in the WWE, it was probably further away from today's women's wrestling than where it was in 1993.

When Monday Night Raw debuted in 1993 the Women's Champion was WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blaze. She was facing the likes of Sherri Martel, Rockin' Robin, and Luna Vachon...some really tough competition. But when the late 90s brought the Attitude Era, it brought on a different kind of women's wrestling.

Yes, the Attitude Era did have Chyna, who was an absolutely dominant female wrestler, who could have excelled in any era of women's wrestling. But she was SO good, she spent a lot of her time actually wrestling men. There were a few more strong female wrestlers in this era, like Hall of Famer Jacqueline and Ivory. But for every Ivory, there was a Debra or Sable competing. The competition soon devolved from legit matches, to bra-and-panties matches.

The next evolution of the women's division was made up of a new WWE buzzword...divas. This era was FULL of female competitors who were recruited far more on looks than physical skill. But a few break-out talents made their names here. Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly, all became stars. But probably the biggest of all, was Trish Stratus.

Trish had the perfect mix of both diva and athlete. She looked like the women hired on looks alone, but her toughness pushed her talent past many others.

Which is why the WWE Universe is melting down over Trish returning Monday night. But that might not be the only return she has planned. At least that what she told me when I got to ask her about an eventual return:

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