One of the best football players to come out of Shreveport hasn't forgotten his hometown. Tre'Davious White, a former Green Oaks star in Shreveport, went on to dominate at LSU, and is now getting it done on Sundays in the NFL.

As he showed up to work today with the Buffalo Bills, he was rocking a Shreveport Mudbugs jersey.

Last year, White was highlighted at a Mudbugs game, and has had a love affair with hockey since he made it to Buffalo. He's been regularly attending Buffalo Sabers games, and has even had an on-going gimmick about playing high school hockey in Louisiana.

The hockey love affair even led to shirts about White's pretend high school hockey career.

So to see White show up to work wearing a hockey jersey isn't a shock. It's also not a shock to see White supporting his hometown as he continues to make his case as one of the best young defensive players in the NFL.

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