Let's settle the debate once and for all. Here are all of the ways Trevor Lawrence is better than Joe Burrow.

We're now one week away from the moment all LSU and Clemson fans have been waiting for all season. The National Championship game between the Tigers, both hailing from Death Valley. I know, it's confusing... One thing I'm not at all confused about is the match-up between quarterbacks.

No matter team-bias, everyone should be able to look at the body of work and realize that one of the quarterbacks is simply better and superior in nearly every way.

Lets get right down to it... Here at the top 5 ways Trevor Lawrence is better than Joe Burrow.



  • 1

    Growing Long Hair

    The claim is "Better than Joe Burrow" not "Better than Joe Burrow at football". Look at the locks atop the Clemson QB's head, it's clear that he is much better at growing out long, flowing hair.

  • 2

    Throwing Interceptions

    Looking at the full season, the full body of work, it becomes clear that when it comes to throwing complete passes to the opposing team, Trevor Lawrence is substantially better than Joe Burrow.

  • 3

    It's 2018

    To type this reason out, I hopped in a time machine and came out in 2018. As I write this, on January 6th, 2018, Trevor Lawrence is definitely the better quarterback out of the two.

  • 4

    It's January 25th

    It's true, if the date is January 25th, you can say with confidence that Trevor Lawrence is a MUCH BETTER quarterback than Joe Burrow. This is the only day you can say that sentence out loud or type it in a trash-talk Facebook group and be completely correct. Of course, January 25th is the official date for National Opposite Day in the United States.

  • 5

    Screw This List

    That's right, I worked incredibly hard today to somehow come up with ways that Trevor Lawrence is better than Joe Burrow, and I could only come up with four.


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