Remember when all of us "Tiger King" lovers were called ratchety? Some of us were told that the only reason that we found enjoyment from "Tiger King" is because we weren't smart enough to enjoy any other documentary. First off, you're right, second, we don't care. Now, "Tiger King" lovers have proof we have an eye for good television thanks to the 2020 Emmy nominations.

The nominations were announced on Tuesday and the docuseries proved they aren't just on a mission to seek justice for Carole Baskin's ex-husband, they are going to get the respect they rightly deserve. Six nominations are nothing to sneeze at either.

Tiger King received recognition for:

  1. Outstanding documentary or nonfiction series
  2. Directing for a documentary
  3. Picture editing for a nonfiction program
  4. Music composition for a documentary series
  5. Sound editing for a nonfiction or reality program
  6. Sound mixing

The directors of "Tiger King" Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin released a joint statement thanking their team and the Television Academy. Unfortunately Joe Exotic won't be receiving accolades since he is locked up serving a 22-year sentence in a prison in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Let us not forget that Joe Exotic turned out to be a horrendous human being who was found guilty of paying a man $3,000 to kill his arch-nemesis, Carole Baskin. Joe Exotic was also found guilty of killing tigers to make room for more big cats at his exotic animal park. The list of charges brought against Joe Exotic are astounding and they'll make anyone feel uneasy.

Find out if "Tiger King" sweeps it all on September 20th on ABC.

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