The biggest thing that's not virus related during our collective quarantine has been the show Tiger King. People have been talking about the show, the characters, the fallout, and the theories brought forward by the show.

One of those big theories involves Carole Baskin, the woman who runs Big Cat Rescue in Florida. If you've seen the show, you know EXACTLY who she is, and EXACTLY what Joe Exotic calls her (we're not putting that here). The theory that has been following Carole around since the premiere of the show, has to do with the death of her millionaire husband. Or possible death, more like "disappearance", because he's never been found.

The show puts forward a theory that Carole was responsible for her husband's disappearance or death.

Because of unwanted attention Carole has received from the show, she's been a very difficult person to get a hold of. She's been declining interviews, and has been assisted in her hiding by the quarantine conditions we're all experiencing. Which is pretty incredible, considering that she is one of the most desirable guests for any show right now. Meaning she's hearing from the biggest of the big shows, and still saying "no".

But that all changed this weekend.

Carole Baskin finally gave an interview. Her first interview since Tiger King premiered, and it turned out to be a prank.

That's right. Two guys were able to prank their way into an interview with the most sought after guest on the planet. Here's how they did it, and the interview...


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