Remember the good part of COVID-19, with the stimulus checks and Tiger King? Feels like it was so long ago right? Turns out our love for trashy T.V. AKA our Joe Exotic obsession isn't over. Thankfully we can all sleep easy knowing we have more "Tiger King" excitement on the way.

Animal Planet YouTube
Animal Planet YouTube

According to the new documentary called "Surviving Joe Exotic" is coming to Animal Planet. Why is it on Animal Planet and not Netflix? This documentary will be telling the other side of the story, no not Carole Baskin's side of the story, we are talking about the animals of Tiger King. "Surviving Joe Exotic" will give a voice to the animals who lived at the G.W. Zoo. We will also see some footage of animals who hit the lottery and found homes after their time at the zoo.

Not only is this doc a true tell all of the conditions the animals lived in, but they also hold the footage of Joe Exotic's final interview leading up to his arrest. All this footage was originally for Animal Planet's Wolves and Warriors and filmed in 2018. If you're hoping to see some of your Tiger King favorites, you'll be happy to know that Saff Saffrey will be giving an interview as well.

Check out the sneak peek of "Surviving Joe Exotic" below.

The Show "Surviving Joe Exotic" premieres on Animal Planet on July 25th.

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