I am admittedly slow to the Netflix revolution. I first heard about the Netflix service many years ago when it was a mail-in for movies on DVD service. The thought of waiting a week or two to see a movie I wanted to see didn't appeal to me then.

However, the thought of having seemingly millions of hours of programming beamed or streamed or however the heck it gets to my television now sits perfectly well with me in my current pandemic pajamas.

Netflix has been responsible for some really great shows. A lot of those shows are original content but it has only been just in the past few days that the streaming service has revealed which of its original content programming actually resonated with the most viewers.

No, it's not Tiger King.

It's not Stranger Things, The Witcher, or The Crown, it is the Regency-era drama Bridgerton. The series has already been binged by millions of Netflix subscribers since it debuted in December. The series comes from Shonda Rhimes Shondaland. The series was born out of that $100 million-plus partnership between the streaming service and the creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.

In its first 28 days of streaming the Bridgerton series, Netflix estimates that 82 million member households streamed it. The series reached number one in 83 countries and has reached the top 10 in every country but Japan.

The success of the Netflix series propelled the books upon which it is based into the New York Times bestsellers list. A remarkable feat especially when you consider that the books were published some 18 years ago.

The show has also sparked a revival in the wearing of corsets. Yeah, corsets are now a thing again thanks to the Bridgerton series. Much like The Queen's Gambit sparked a renewed interest in playing chess. Maybe Netflix can come up with a series that makes sitting on a couch eating potato chips a thing, I'd already been en vogue if they did that.

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