Rolling Stone is reporting a shocking story about Ticketmaster who is owned by Live Nation using their own scalpers to increase profits. CBC News and the Toronto Star said they sent investigators to Ticket Summit 2018 in Vegas which is a ticketing convention. In their investigation they found Ticketmaster was recruiting pro scalpers and then allowing their "bots" to buy mass amounts of tickets while blocking others.

For the record ex Ticketmaster CEO Irving Azoff told U.S. legislators around 10 years ago that scalping tickets should be illegal. Based on this new information, it appears that the company has changed its mind.

Ticketmaster gave a statement to the CBC, that said that “as the world’s leading ticketing platform, representing thousands of teams, artists and venues, we believe it is our job to offer a marketplace that provides a safe and fair place for fans to shop, buy and sell tickets in both the primary and secondary markets.”

So far I'm not sure if they've done anything illegal or if this is just a giant PR Nightmare. It will be interesting to see if changes or regulations are made in the ticketing community to prevent this type of activity in the future.

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