Today, Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL. What are the chances we get a team?

Of course, the XFL was a complete failure back 2001, lasting only one season. It was a memorable one, however, as you could never forget the type of product you witnessed on game day in the XFL. Players could put any name they wanted on their jerseys, there were next-to-no rules, and the league featured a video feed directly into the cheerleaders' locker room. Yes, very hard to forget.

Today, Vince McMahon announced that he is relaunching this controversial league in 2020, and also answered many questions about this new XFL. The highlights are that he promises a safer game, with a higher quality player and person taking the field, as opposed to the original XFL. He also stated that these games will be much faster than NFL games, and hinted at removing halftime altogether several times during his press conference.

He also announced that when 2020 rolls around, the league will only feature eight teams, with a four-team playoff.

So, why can't one of those eight teams be right here in Shreveport? We have a gorgeous stadium just begging to get some regular action, and also Shreveport is a very WWE-friendly town. Maybe Shreveport is already on Mr. McMahon's radar because of that...

What do you thinK? Would you support an XFL team in Shreveport? I say #BringtheXFLtoShreveport!


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