Pro wrestling has long been an escape for Americans. During times of high stress on our society, many look for things that make them feel good, including entertainment and nostalgia. Thankfully, pro wrestling offers both.

One of the most exciting parts of pro wrestling is the "entertainment" of the spectacle. Each match starts with, and ends with, a very important part of that entertainment value. For the last 30-40 years, pro wrestlers have been coming to the ring with entrance "themes", or songs that accompany them to and from the ring. These songs help establish the characters before they even start their match.

Through the peak of pro wrestling, the wrestlers "themes" were also used to tell stories. These theme songs would interrupt other performers, or matches, or at random, and the way the crowd would react would help demonstrate the power of the song, and that character.

Our list is based on JUST the song, not the actual entrance. So someone who did something cool to get to the ring, like coming from the rafters above the ring or driving to the ring in a tank, won't count. There are pro wrestlers with entrances involving crowd participation, like Daniel Bryan or Kurt Angle, who don't make the list either. This is all about the music.

We opened this up to public voting, took our editorial board voting into account, and put together a pretty solid list. So here goes the results...

The 16 Greatest Pro Wrestling Entrance Theme Songs

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