Blue Bell ice cream, one of our nation's most sacred and cherished possessions, has fallen victim to a disgusting online craze... So what's next?

By now, i'm sure you've seen all of the videos (and generally the following arrests) showing folks in a store removing the Blue Bell lid, licking the ice cream, then placing it back on the shelves. It's absolutely disgusting to think about and in all seriousness, will probably change my thought process when making that grocery trip.

Sure, a lot of us have been making fun of the online trend, but clearly a lot of folks are doing it, and you can't tell me that you won't be at least a little suspicious next time you buy Blue Bell.

So, how do we change that? One idea I've seen many times being tossed around is Blue Bell possibly changing how they package and present their ice cream? Maybe a sealed layer under the lid will be the way to go?

Personally, I am all for it.

What about you? Please take a second and vote below!

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