This will be the weirdest NFL Draft any of us will ever see. The 2020 NFL Draft will take place virtually, online, without players getting to greet the NFL Commissioner, getting to hold up their new team's jersey, or getting to pose for pictures on stage. It's going to be weird.

But the whole football machine isn't slowing down because of the odd circumstances surrounding the NFL Draft. That includes the sports card world.

Football cards have long been used as investments by fans from coast to coast. Which isn't actually that crazy. Some people might consider little pieces of cardboard to be worthless, but when there are sports cards sold for more than the value of most houses, it's hard to scoff at sports cards.

This year's NFL Draft gem is LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. Next wee, many expect Burrow to be the top overall pick in the NFL Draft. He's become a lovable star, and has a lot of hype around what his NFL career will look like. So it's not a shock that his first football rookie cards are already pretty expensive.

We put together a list of the most expensive, traceable, Joe Burrow cards that have sold on eBay. We say "traceable" because there are some cards who have accepted offers on eBay, that we can't see the final payment on. So these are the most expensive cards with an actual sold price. Here are the Top 6 Most Expensive Joe Burrow Rookie Cards That Have Sold On eBay:

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